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A Call for Leadership in Aging

4 hartford leadership projects

Four Hartford Leadership Development Projects

The Hartford Foundation ensures that leadership development components are built into its many initiatives. This Annual Report illustrates how four Hartford-funded projects in the fields of nursing, social work, and medicine incorporate the leadership development strategies of formal training, mentoring, peer networking, and encouraging a new generation to answer the call to lead.

These four projects are:

  • Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity Leadership
  • Social Work Faculty Scholars Policy Leadership Institute
  • Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs:
    Geriatrics Leadership Scholars Program
  • Geriatric Nursing Leadership Academy
  • The first three projects provide nurses, social workers, and physicians in academic settings with the tools to recognize themselves as leaders and prepare them to seize opportunities to promote geriatrics within their institution, as well as in the wider community. The fourth project offers leadership training in the clinical setting to position nurse supervisors to enact system-wide reforms in the care of older adults.

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