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Geriatric Social Work Initiative

Celebrating Ten Years of Visionary Leadership

In its grantmaking, the Hartford Foundation focuses on three health professions it sees as key to effective, affordable health care for older Americans: medicine, nursing, and social work. Grants support initiatives to increase the number of geriatric specialists and ensure that health care professionals, no matter their specialty, have basic competence in the care of older adults. In 1999, the Hartford Foundation made its first commitment specifically to geriatric social work, launching the Geriatric Social Work Initiative (GSWI) (

This 2009 annual report honors the dedicated grantees, deans, faculty, students, and social work practitioners who for ten years have integrated geriatric principles throughout social work education and practice, thus transforming the field.

Geriatric Social Work Initiative Project Leaders: (Standing, left to right) Linda Harootyan, MSW, Deputy Director, The Gerontological Society of America, Julia Watkins, PhD, Executive Director, Council on Social Work Education, James Lubben, DSW, MPH, Director, Hartford Doctoral Fellows Program, Jeannine Melly, MPH, Deputy Director, Social Work Leadership Institute; (Seated, left to right) Barbara Berkman, DSW/ PhD, Director, Faculty Scholars Program, Nancy R. Hooyman, PhD, Co-Director, CSWE National Center for Gerontological Social Work Education; (Right, small photo) Patricia J. Volland, MSW, MBA, Director, Hartford Partnership Program for Aging Education. Next: Overview:
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