The Urgent Need for Age-Friendly Health Systems

Health care providers in every setting must understand that older people experience specific health issues, from multiple chronic conditions to changes in physiology, that require a specific approach to care. Risk factors for complications following medical procedures are often higher and different for older adults. A friend of a dear…

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Age-Friendly Care Is Manifested in the Details

Editor’s note: Mary Jane Koren, MD, MPH, is providing program consulting to The John A. Hartford Foundation, after retiring in 2013 as Vice President of Delivery System Reform at the Commonwealth Fund. My mother recently celebrated her 100th birthday, a milestone event which caused me to reflect on the…

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Exploring New Horizons for Family Caregiving

We are experiencing a true call to action from policymakers, health system leaders, funders, and the public to recognize and support the nearly 18 million family caregivers who toil daily to care for loved ones in their communities. As part of that call, I recently had the pleasure of presenting The…

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Dr. Terry Fulmer's Grandpa Frank

Ageism and Grandpa Frank

Every day, each one of us is growing older and growing wiser and more experienced. In so many ways, we get better as we age. But too often, we only associate aging with decline, debility, and eventual death. This fatalistic view is so pervasive that it can actually harm…

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Serving Those in Need

I am pleased to share with my colleagues, friends, and the broader field that I am the new Program Officer for The John A. Hartford Foundation. Throughout my 13-year career, I have always been very fortunate to serve under dynamic leaders and beside amazing people on causes for which…

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