Kaiser Health News (KHN) article, "From The ER To Inpatient Care — At Home," talks about “hospital at home.”

"Brigham Health in Boston is one of a slowly growing number of health systems that encourage selected acutely ill emergency department patients who are stable and don’t need intensive, round-the-clock care to opt for hospital-level care at home."

"Dr. Bruce Leff began exploring the hospital-at-home concept more than 20 years ago, conducting early studies at Veterans Affairs medical centers and Medicare Advantage plans that found fewer patient complications, better outcomes and lower costs in home-care patients. Caregivers reported less stress, Leff’s research found....The average length of stay for acute care was 5.3 days in the hospital versus 3.1 days of treatment for home-care patients, while 30-day readmission rates for home-based patients were about half of those in the hospital: 7.8 percent versus 16.3 percent for the two-year period ending December 2016."

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The John A. Hartford Foundation has supported the early development of the Hospital-at-Home model and is currently funding work at Mount Sinai in New York to help spread the model to more sites.