The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have released a publication, "Models and Strategies to Integrate Palliative Care Principles into Care for People with Serious Illness: Proceedings of a Workshop."

To better understand how the principles of palliative care can be integrated into the overall provision of care and services to those facing serious illness, The Roundtable on Quality Care for People with Serious Illness was convened earlier this year.

This Roundtable highlighted innovative models of community-based care for people of all ages facing serious illness, featured invited presentations and panel discussions exploring community-based palliative care from a population health management perspective as well as a health system perspective; pediatric palliative care, concurrent care, and palliative care within the context of a multispecialty accountable care organization; potential policy levers, as well as the challenges and opportunities to scale and spread successful palliative care models and programs. This workshop proceedings is a synthesis and details the presentations and discussions about models of care. 

The John A. Hartford Foundation is one of the funders of The Roundtable on Quality of Care for People with Advanced Illness.

To read the publication, click here.