Congressman Daniel “Dan” M. Donovan, Jr. talked with The Elderforce Workforce Alliance (EWA) about his role as caregiver for his mother and the importance of caregivers, about medical innovation, and about the future of health care for older adults.  

Featured in this month's EWA Spotlight, Rep. Donovan spoke about his mother who needed round-the-clock attention in the last few years of her life, "....when advocates meet with me to talk about those struggling to care for their elderly family members, I don’t just get it on an intellectual level – I lived it myself. It’s personal for me.”

On the subject of personal care aides and wages he said, "The challenges are two-fold: on the one hand, many families go into debt or exhaust all of their resources caring for a loved one. On the other hand, personal care aides barely earn enough to get by. It’s a catch 22 that requires a lot of thought."

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