The Boston Globe published an article, "Breaking Taboo, Chinese Elders Learn to Express End-of-Life Wishes," about engaging the Chinese American population at Boston Senior Home Care.

"The 6-year-old Conversation Project supports the Heart to Heart program developed by the Chinese American coalition in California. The project also works with other ethnic groups from Portuguese to Haitian Creole and religious faiths from Baptists to Buddhists. While more of them are embracing its cause, the project still encounters resistance from many quarters."

“They all say, Well, in our culture, we don’t talk about death or dying,” Kate DeBartolo, director of the Boston-based Conversation Project said. “Well, the truth is that no one talks about death or dying very well....That same dynamic plays out everywhere.”

Conversation Project officials think the tide is turning. Their “conversation starter kits” have been downloaded over 300,000 times and used by more than a million people, they estimate."

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