The Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) has released an article, "Age Friendly - Creating an Age-Friendly Continuum in Boise, Idaho," in their series on Age-Friendly in CHA's journal, Health Progress.

The paper is authored by Julie Trocchio, RN, MS, senior director, community benefit and continuing care, CHA, Washington, DC, and Becky Beaver, MBA, MSN, RN, quality improvement nurse (gerontology), Saint Alphonsus, Boise, Idaho.

"Trinity Health's Saint Alphonsus Health System in Boise, Idaho, is piloting The John A. Hartford Foundation/IHI Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative in its home care agencies, hospices, house call program, geriatrics clinic and in-patient palliative care service. The Age-Friendly initiative asks providers to focus on "4Ms" in caring for older persons: What Matters, Medication, Mentation (recognizing and addressing dementia, delirium and depression) and Mobility. Saint Alphonsus has set a goal of touching each of the 4Ms with every patient in the pilot sites by the end of the year."

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