CNBC News published an article, "Older Patients Recover From Surgery Faster If They 'Train' For It," on the positive results seen when patient plan for their surgery.

"Prep is as important if not more important than the surgery itself," said Dr. Ronnie Rosenthal, chair of the American College of Surgeons Geriatric Surgery Task Force. The article also quotes Dr. Clifford Ko, principal investigator of the Coalition for Quality In Geriatric Surgery, who works with Dr. Rosenthal on The John A. Hartford Foundation-supported project." A patient should ask their surgeon what they should expect and how much nutritional reserve they should have before their surgery," Dr. Ko said.

The article also discussed study results, published in JAMA Surgery, on the impacts of Duke University Medical Center's surgery preparation program for seniors that found that the older patients in the study - all undergoing abdominal surgery - spent four days in the hospital compared with six days for people who didn't prepare. The study was funded in part through The John A. Hartford Foundation Centers of Excellence in Geriatric Medicine program.

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