Home Health Care News published an article, "What Mount Sinai’s Hospital-At-Home Program Means for the Home Health Industry." 

"Broadly speaking, hospital-at-home programs try to identify acute patients with certain medical conditions that could be effectively cared for and monitored at home through daily nursing and clinician visits, along with any necessary testing or treatment, including antibiotic, IV fluid and oxygen delivery."

Patients who participated in Mount Sinai’s hospital-at-home model between 2014 and 2017 had shorter stays, lower readmission rates and fewer emergency department visits, a study published last month in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed. “Outcomes were better and we were able to reduce complications,” Dr. Albert Siu, one of the study’s authors, said. “We were able to show we could do this safely and that was was another option for patients and their families.”

The John A. Hartford Foundation is funding the study of Hospital at Home implementation and dissemination.

CMS is currently considering two alternative payments models related to hospital at home.

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