The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has announced that it is testing an innovative approach, called the Person-Driven Outcome Measures project, to measure individual outcomes for people with complex health issues.

The project aims to measure quality of care by evaluating how effectively health care organizations are helping individuals achieve what matters most to them. 

This demonstration project will take place over the next three years and will include over 800 participants. NCQA will work with four geographically diverse organizations (a mix of health plans and integrated care networks) representing 30 clinicians (including social workers, nurse practitioners and registered nurses).

“Existing quality measures do not effectively evaluate what is most important to people, particularly older adults with complex care needs and we hope to change that,” Margaret E. O’Kane, NCQA President, said.

The Person-Driven Outcome Measures project is co-funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation and The SCAN Foundation.

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