The John A. Hartford Aging Society Index


Columbia University

Project Title

The John A. Hartford Aging Society Index

Grant Amount


Grant Period

12 months

Approval Date

December 2015


The goal of the grant is to develop an evidence-based composite measure, or ‘index,’ that describes the capacity of countries to successfully adapt to the world’s aging population. The index will build on the prior work of a number of prominent interdisciplinary scholars, including John Rowe, MD, and other members of the MacArthur Network on an Aging Society. It will serve both as a guide to the implementation of policies and a tool by which stakeholders can assess their effectiveness over time and across countries. It will also play a critical role in guiding future policymaking in order to mitigate the risks and expand the opportunities of an aging United States, as well as elsewhere across the globe.

Primary Contact

John W. Rowe, MD



Program Officer

Rani E. Snyder, MPA

Priority Area

Communications & Special Projects

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