The Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect has published an article by Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, President of The John A. Hartford Foundation, "The Rosalie Wolf Memorial Lecture: Abuse-free Care in a World of Age-friendly Health Systems." 

"Ignoring what matters to an older person, failing to give them appropriate medications either in excess or the withholding of such medications, failing to mobilize an older person who needs assistance or ignoring signs of cognitive change, I would argue, constitute elder mistreatment."

"In an age-friendly health system, what matters to the person would be well known and documented across the care continuum and understood by family members and care providers alike."

The Rosalie S. Wolf Award was established by the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (NCPEA) in 2002. Dr. Fulmer received the award in 2017 for her work in preventing elder abuse.

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