The Milken Institute Future of Health Summit 2018 has released a video recording of the October 23 panel, "Reimagining Medicare for Longer Lives."

People who reach age 65 today in the U.S. can be expected to live, on average, another 20 years. Yet the Medicare program was designed to treat acute conditions, not to help older adults manage their chronic conditions and prevent illness in the future. The panelists discussed these issues. The speakers were:

  • Efrem Castillo, Chief Medical Officer, United Healthcare Medicare and Retirement
  • Nancy-Ann DeParle, Partner and Co-Founder, Consonance Capital Partners; Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy to President Barack Obama, The White House
  • Terry Fulmer, President, The John A. Hartford Foundation
  • Darilyn Moyer, Executive Vice President and CEO, American College of Physicians
  • Moderated by Joanne Kenen, Executive Editor, Health Care, POLITICO

To watch the video recording, click here.
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