Inside Philanthropy has published an article, "Aging is Living. The Couple Working on Several Fronts to Confront a Graying America."

The article explores the reasons that Gary and Mary West focused on aging. Since creating the Gary and Mary West Foundation in 2006, they have made more than 500 grants and added a research institute in 2009 and a policy center in 2012 to champion aging issues. Examples of initiatives include recent work supporting a geriatric emergency care department developed by U.C. San Diego Health.

The article notes that they are not the only philanthropists focused on aging, "They’re joined by a small but dedicated group of foundations, including the AARP Foundation, the Archstone Foundation, the Endowment for Health, the H.W. Durham Foundation, the Isaac H. Tuttle Fund, the Maine Health Access Fund, the Stevens Square Foundation, The John A. Hartford Foundation and the McGregor Foundation."

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