"How Health Systems Can Provide Better Care For Seniors" by Howard Gleckman discusses the Age-Friendly Health System initiative in detail.

As Dr. Gleckman writes in Forbes, "Last year, the influential John A. Hartford Foundation, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and the American Hospital Association kicked off an initiative called Creating Age-Friendly Health Systems. Their aim is to install a very different model of care in 1,000 hospitals by 2020." As he points out, JAHF President Terry Fulmer and JAHF Senior Program Officer Amy Berman described seven elements of an age-friendly health system in a Health Affairs blog last November.

Dr. Gleckman encourages a more explicit inclusion of transportation, personal care, social supports, and even safe and affordable housing in high-quality health systems and stresses the importance for medical providers to partner with community-based organizations. He gives kudos to the Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative, and ends with "[This initiative] promises to raise the profile of a critical issue in an aging America."

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