Managed Healthcare Executive has published an article on "The Impact of Big Data on Medical Decisions."

Data analytics offer potential support to approach end-of-life care decisions, the article notes. Healthcare experts interviewed detail real-world impacts.

According to Amy Berman, RN, LHD, FAAN, Senior Program Officer with The John A. Hartford Foundation, "Data analytics offer the possibility of better supporting advance care planning and goal-concordant care by identifying populations at greater mortality risk at a point when advance care planning can be initiated or decisions can be reviewed.” 

In addition to helping address the concerns of individual patients, these tools offer potential for positive change on a large-scale basis. “We can use data analytics to root out disparities around access to palliative care, advance care planning, and the provision of unwanted care,” Berman says. “Data analytics offer the possibility of addressing what matters as our nation ages."

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