Inside Philanthropy has published an article, "Overlooked, But Not Forgotten By This Funder: A Grantmaker Takes on Elder Abuse."

"The John A. Hartford Foundation recently put up $1.55 million to shine a light on abuse suffered by older Americans. The grant will go to the Education Development Center, which will train six hospital emergency departments on identifying and addressing signs of elder abuse."

The article discusses how few foundations support work that deals exclusively with older Americans and notes that, "The Foundation sees things differently. And its leadership in the aging space leaves it open to funding a range of issues—many of which are largely ignored by other foundations."

"It’s estimated that 10% of Americans over 60 experience some form of abuse from caretakers....Still, only about one in 14 cases are reported, researchers estimate. That’s why training medical experts to spot the signs is so crucial."

"This project has the ambitious goal of working toward universal screening in emergency departments of all older adults who may be victims of elder mistreatment,” Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAANsaid. 

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