Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Aging Edge site ran an article, "Highlighting a thoughtful story package on aging," which discusses the new POLITICO The Agenda: Aging in America special report.

"Most national general interest media don’t devote a whole lot of time to age-related issues....so the [Agenda: Aging in America] package of stories is a nice, thoughtful exception. Topics explored in the policy-oriented, in-depth articles are trends related to use of palliative and hospice care; the movement to avoid unnecessary and undesired late-life medical procedures; growing awareness of financial exploitation of seniors; and transportation options such as ride-sharing for older adults who can’t drive themselves anymore."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Aging Edge provides age-related content from the printed newspaper and their wire services and guides readers to good work being done by others on the topic. 

The article mentioned The John A. Hartford Foundation's support of The Agenda: Aging in America.

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To go to POLITICO's The Agenda: Aging in America, click here.