POLITICO has released three articles about Aging in America sponsored by The John A. Hartford Foundation: "Enter the Age of The Age-Friendly Health System," "Supporting America's Modern Heroes" and "Finding Out What Matters Most At the End of Life."

Each article discusses issues facing older adults in particular, and health care as a whole, in the United States. POLITICO's journalists interviewed JAHF staff and other experts on topics ranging from family caregivers to palliative care to coordinated, age-friendly health systems. The articles provide statistical information on models of care that are making a difference and describe recent policy changes and their impact on health care cost and quality.

“[IHI] studied all of the major successful, evidence-based interventions for older adults,” Kedar Mate, MD, says about the Age-Friendly Health Systems Initiative. And what they found were the 4Ms — what matters to the patient, medications, mobility, and mentation or mental activity. Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, adds that medical providers love the reductionism of four elements. “We don’t want to add work,” she says. “We want [clinicians] to measure these elements and put in place common-sense best practices that move care in the right direction.”

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