The John A. Hartford Foundation extends its profound sympathy for everyone affected by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and for all those now bracing for the arrival of Hurrican Irma. Older adults are especially vulnerable in hurricanes and other disasters. 

These difficult moments present an opportunity for everyone to review their plans and preparations in the event of a major disaster.  The federal government has an updated list of resources specifically for older adults at, which are listed below.

Online Resources

View these resources just for seniors. Find information and get tools to help you learn how to prepare for emergencies.

Operation Emergency Prepare - Help your community prepare for an emergency with this how-to guide. It includes tips and checklists, and there’s also a short video that offers some basic information about the project. (AARP)

Emergency Preparedness - Find best practices and resources to help seniors better prepare for all types of emergencies. You can get information for individuals as well as for service providers and communities. (Department of Health and Human Services)

Seniors - Do you have anyone who will check in on you in an emergency? Every senior needs to create a personal support network for just this purpose. Learn seven important points you need to discuss and work out with your network. (American Red Cross)

Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults - Find tips and resources to help you or your caregivers prepare for emergencies. You can get tips on things like personal preparedness, medication, and pets, and even learn about fraud and scams. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Seniors - Learn some important things you need to consider before there’s an emergency. Learn things like how to create a support network and safer ways to get your federal benefits. You can also learn how to plan for medications and medical supplies as well as prepare emergency documents. (

Downloadable Guides and Resources

Below are checklists, guides, and tips for seniors. Download and use them to help you learn how to prepare for and recover from emergencies.

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors Guide (PDF, 2 MB) - Are you prepared for a disaster to strike right now? This booklet offers checklists and tips to help you get prepared. Learn what you need to have on hand, how to get information, and who to contact in an emergency. (American Red Cross)

Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans. Get Ready Now. (PDF, 878 KB) - This brochure can help you learn and discuss the steps needed to prepare for disasters. Learn how to get a kit, make a plan, and be informed. You can print and keep this small but informative brochure or pass it along to other seniors. (

Disaster Preparedness Guide for Elders (PDF, 3 MB) - Are you a senior living in Florida? This 24-page guide offers useful tips to help you prepare for disasters. You can find tips by disaster types and sections for seniors with special needs. You can even learn how to plan for your pets. There are also helpful checklists and forms as well as contacts for senior and disaster-related services. (State of Florida)

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors (PDF, 285 KB) - This fact sheet from Wisconsin Emergency Management can help you prepare for emergencies. Learn how to create a network of people who can check on and help you in an emergency. Find out how to plan for medications and medical supplies. You can also learn what documents you’ll need in case of an emergency. (Ready Wisconsin)


Watch a video created just for seniors. Use it to learn how you can prepare for and stay safe in emergencies.

FEMA for Seniors - This special FEMA program is all about preparedness for seniors. The program can help you learn what your needs will be in an emergency. This can then help you and your family or caregivers create an emergency plan that’s right for you. (FEMA)

Other Resources

Additionally, JAHF grantee, the American Geriatrics Society has an Emergency Preparedness Tools and Tips page in their online resource,

The American Health Care Assocation has an Emergency Preparedness page of resources for long-term care facilities. 

LeadingAge also has a page for Emergency Preparedness Resources For Nursing Homes And Providers With Special Populations.

The John A. Hartford Foundation supported the Florida Health Care Association in developing emergency management guides in 2006 after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Their Emergency Preparedness page also links to a Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Portal.