A Reuters article, co-posted in New York Daily News, discusses The John A. Hartford Foundation's Aging Index and how the U.S. compares with other nations.

Developed by researchers at Columbia University and the University of Southern California, this index takes a wide view, examining data for 30 countries in five areas: productivity and engagement, well-being, equity, cohesion and security. “There are many elements beyond economic measures that are important,” said Dr. John Rowe, who led the research team.

The index offers a lens into the future, Rowe says, because European countries are further along the aging curve. The U.S., despite ranking in the top five, receives decidedly mixed grades. It ranks No. 1 for “productivity and engagement,” gets good marks for strong relationships among generations, but has mediocre-to-poor rankings in categories measuring health, financial security and income inequality.

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This article was co-posted in New York Daily News.
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