New York, NY (June 15, 2017) – Today marks World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, president of The John A. Hartford Foundation, as well as a researcher and authority on elder mistreatment and abuse, offers the following statement:

“All of us should be able to age with dignity, respect, and freedom from abuse and other forms of elder mistreatment. Yet, 1 in 10 older people worldwide have experienced abuse.

“As we honor World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we must recognize the important role that all of us play in building a strong and stable society that protects and empowers older people.   

“In particular, health care, emergency services, social service, and law enforcement professionals are critical pillars in our support system for older adults. These professionals are the eyes and ears on the frontlines who can screen for possible elder mistreatment and intervene when needed.

“The John A. Hartford Foundation is strengthening our nation’s support system by working with the Education Development Center and teams of expert clinicians in four states to develop a prototype model for elder abuse screening that can be spread to clinical settings, such as emergency departments, across the country. This initiative will help create age-friendly health systems that provide strong support for older adults and their families, and a more just society that condemns and eradicates elder mistreatment.”



Media contact:
Marcus Escobedo, Sr. Program Officer & Communications Director

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