An article from US News & World Report discusses the need for geriatric emergency departments (EDs) and a recent program to improve the ED experience for older adults, "What Is a Geriatric Emergency Department?"

Geriatric emergency department guidelines were created in 2014 by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), American Geriatrics Society (AGS), Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), and the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM). Then, in May 2018, "ACEP, with support from the Gary and Mary West Health Institute and The John A. Hartford Foundation, launched an accreditation program for geriatric emergency departments that have met certain quality standards. [Dr. Kevin] Biese is chair of the project."

"Mount Sinai Hospital, St. Joseph's University Medical Center in New Jersey and UC San Diego Health are among participating hospitals. Soon, Biese says, there will be 20 such accredited geriatric EDs in 10 states across the country, with many other hospitals expressing interest."

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