Entrepreneurial Partners

During the past three decades, the Hartford Foundation has supported more than 3,000 grantees and scholars in medicine, nursing, and social work. The Foundation has always viewed its relationship with grantees and scholars as a two-way street. In addition to funding, we strive to offer encouragement and guidance, and to help those we support network to make connections that strengthen the field. In return, we aim to listen to and learn from our grantees as they work to make a difference in the quality of health care for older adults.

Hartford realized that if you invest in people, the returns continue on forever. Eric A. Coleman, MD, MPH
Director, Care Transitions Intervention
Professor of Medicine
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Over the years, we have been fortunate to have many grantees whose research and leadership have helped shape and transform the field of aging and health. In some cases, they have continued to work closely with us as valued advisors and as partners in every sense of the word.

The following profiles introduce just a few of these valued partners, leaders who through the years have offered counsel and helped shape the Foundation’s thinking and strategy. They share several traits: a passion for their work, an unwavering commitment to providing better care for older Americans, and a willingnessto share their knowledge and expertise to help grow the field. They also shareone other characteristic: an entrepreneurial spirit. They have mastered the art of bringing other partners to the table to help disseminate their work, oftenfinding creative ways to deal with potentially adverse circumstances and keep moving forward.

The Hartford Foundation is fortunate to have these leaders in the field of geriatrics as partners. Their collaborative and entrepreneurial efforts have taken the important work they do well beyond what we, or any foundation, could ever accomplish alone.

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