Scott Bane, JD, MPA

Scott Bane, JD, MPA

Program Officer

Scott Bane is a Program Officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation. His career, including a decade of experience in philanthropy, has been directed toward helping vulnerable men and women, with an emphasis on ensuring that they have access to effective services. He brings experience in working with public partners and non-profits to improve both access to and quality of care for older adults.

Scott graduated from CUNY School of Law in May 2018. As part of his experience in law school, he held an internship with a New York State Supreme Court judge, who specialized in guardianship issues. During law school Scott worked at the Medicare Rights Center, where he counseled Medicare beneficiaries through the organization’s national helpline, and immersed himself in Medicare policies and regulations. He also spent a summer at the New York State Attorney General’s office in the Health Care Bureau.

Prior to law school, Scott worked for over ten years in philanthropy, first at the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, which at the time focused on promoting LGBT rights, the arts, and a sustainable environment among other issues.

Later, Scott moved to the JEHT Foundation, starting as Assistant to the President and rising to Program Manager after nine months. Scott led that foundation’s then newly created Palliative Care program. In its initial grantmaking, JEHT supported the Center to Advance Palliative Care and several other palliative care training programs around the country. Before working on aging and health issues, Scott helped build JEHT’s nascent criminal justice program, focusing on helping men and women re-enter society after incarceration and on mental health treatment. While at JEHT, Scott completed Baruch College’s Executive MPA program.

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