Sustaining the Reframing Aging Initiative


Gerontological Society of America

Project Title

Sustaining the Reframing Aging Initiative

Grant Amount


Grant Period

36 months

Approval Date

March 2019


This grant to the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) will continue support of the Reframing Aging initiative, which works to counter the pervasive negative beliefs about aging that are barriers to improving the care of older adults in the United States. In prior phases, eight national aging organizations (including GSA) partnered with the non-profit FrameWorks Institute to conduct rigorous research and develop tools to change the public’s understanding of aging. After successfully demonstrating the tools’ effectiveness and creating a cohort of Master Trainers and online educational videos, the initiative is poised for continued dissemination by building an infrastructure, providing more training and technical assistance and offering membership to local, regional and state organizations.

Primary Contact

Patricia M. D’Antonio



Program Officer

Marcus Escobedo

Priority Area

Communications & Special Projects

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