The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) has launched its new Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation Program (GEDA). The program is part of an effort to improve and standardize emergency care for older adults. 

The GEDA program promotes the goals of quality care for older adult patients: enhanced staffing and education, geriatric-focused policies and protocols including transitions of care, quality improvement and outcomes, and preparation of the physical environment. Kevin Biese, MD, FACEP, will manage the project with funding provided by the Gary and Mary West Health Institute and The John A. Hartford Foundation

The ACEP GEDA accreditation offers a standardized set of guidelines that can effectively improve the care of the geriatric population and is feasible to implement in the emergency department. ACEP will accredit at three levels with increasing requirements:

  • Level 3: Bronze – within the reach of every hospital
  • Level 2: Silver
  • Level 1:  Gold, are designed to reflect an increasing commitment to senior-specific care

The accreditation program launch follows the 2013 release of geriatric emergency department guidelines, created by ACEP and other medical groups.

To go to the GEDA program website, click here.

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