The Trust for America's Health (TFAH) has released a report, "A Funding Crisis for Public Health and Safety: State-by-State and Federal Public Health Funding Facts and Recommendations." The report is intended to assist in educating policymakers, advocates and the media about the key funding issues facing the public health sector. 

"Persistent underfunding of the country’s public health system has left the nation vulnerable,” said John Auerbach, president and CEO, of TFAH. “The country needs a long-term commitment to rebuild the nation’s public health capabilities – not just to plug some of the more dangerous gaps but to make sure each community will be prepared, responsive and resilient when the unexpected occurs.”

The report includes:

  • Eight key recommendations;
  • An overview of current CDC, state and local public health funding;
  • Rising epidemics and persistent public health challenges; and
  • Recommendations for modernizing public health and promoting a vision for a healthier America

To read the report, click here.
To read the press release, click here.