A Commitment to Geriatric Oncology ASCO Foundation


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Project Title

A Commitment to Geriatric Oncology

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Grant Period

39 months

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Given our aging demographics and the fact that cancer is ten times more prevalent in adults over the age of 65, the Foundation made a grant to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) to grow the next generation of researchers while promoting the exchange of ideas and awareness of geriatric oncology. With this grant, ASCO will fund two Young Investigator Awards, facilitate geriatric retreats at the annual ASCO meetings and sponsor a new annual B.J. Kennedy Award and Lecture for Scientific Excellence in Geriatric Oncology. In prior awards, ASCO sponsored geriatric symposia and retreats, and funded 10 geriatric-oncology joint training centers in order to create new leaders in the field. A geriatric oncology curriculum was also published and has sold nearly 300 copies.

Primary Contact

Hyman B. Muss hyman.muss@uvm.edu



Program Officer

Rachael Watman

Priority Area

Legacy Strategy  

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