GSA Family Caregiving 2014


Gerontological Society of America

Project Title

Study of Family Caregiving and Support Services for Older Adults

Grant Amount


Grant Period

24 months

Approval Date

June 2014


The John A. Hartford Foundation Board of Trustees approved two grants totaling $530,000 to help support a new Institute of Medicine (IOM) report establishing a set of policy and practice-focused recommendations that address the needs of vulnerable older adults and the families who care for them.  The grant provides $400,000 for the IOM to conduct a 22-month study and $130,000 to the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) over two years to support the Hartford Change AGEnts participation in the process.  The IOM study will involve a committee of experts in family caregiving and related issues who will conduct an in-depth review of evidence and hold public sessions to hear from older adults, family caregivers, and a range of professionals involved in health care and caregiving.  The newly formed Change AGEnts Dementia Caregiving Network will lead the initiative’s support by suggesting a set of issues to be addressed by the study, providing expertise in the IOM’s public sessions, and joining with GSA in mobilizing to disseminate report recommendations and move them toward implementation.  The Foundation is partnering with the Archstone Foundation and other funders on this project.

Primary Contact

Julia Meashey



Program Officer

Amy Berman

Priority Area

Family Caregiving | Legacy Strategy  

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