Philanthropy News Digest (PND) has published an article, "John A. Hartford Foundation Instrumental in Geriatrics, Study Finds."

The article talks about the findings of an evaluation commissioned by the foundation, Assessment of the Accomplishments and Impact of The John A. Hartford Foundation's Grantmaking in Aging and Health 1983-2015.

The Foundation and the nearly six hundred grants it awarded over almost three decades "led the way in creating a whole new field [of geriatrics] in American health care, essentially from scratch." Conducted by Isaacs/Jellinek and summarized in the journal Health Affairs, the evaluation finds that, "The John A. Hartford Foundation has played a vital role in improving the care of older adults in the United States." 

"This assessment confirms what we've long believed — that The John A. Hartford Foundation is making a meaningful difference in the care of older adults through strategic, long-term collaboration with a diverse array of partners, evidence-based learnings, and a proven track record of results, said JAHF president Terry Fulmer."

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