Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, President of The John A. Hartford Foundation, and Drew Volmert, Director of Research at the FrameWorks Institute, have published an article in Stanford Social Innovation Review, "Reframing Aging - Growing “Old at Heart.""

"Many Americans think of aging as deterioration, decline, and dependency, according to research conducted by the Frameworks Institute. This assumption is so deeply embedded in American social and cultural life that many people rarely notice it. But when we start looking, we see it everywhere."

"In 2015, FrameWorks teamed up with The John A. Hartford Foundation, eight other foundations, and seven leading aging-focused organizations to reframe aging." The authors discuss some of the findings of the project's "wide range of research with over 10,000 total participants, [that] identified empirically tested strategies to reframe aging that have the demonstrated power to change public thinking." 

The article discusses how when aging is described as “building momentum,” the framing helps people see how experience and wisdom enables older people to improve their communities.

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