Patient Priorities Care: Dissemination and Scaling


Yale University

Project Title

Patient Priorities Care: Dissemination and Scaling

Grant Amount


Grant Period

48 months

Approval Date

September 2018


This grant supports the dissemination of Patient Priorities Care, a process ensuring that older adults with multiple chronic conditions receive care aligned with their articulated values, goals, and health priorities. Pilot findings showed reductions in medications and unnecessary diagnostic testing, and appreciation by patients and clinicians for attention to goals, reduced care burden, and improved quality of life.  In this phase, a patient self-directed version for identifying goals will be developed; use of OurNotes (a component of OpenNotes that allows patients to input information into their electronic health record) will be piloted; products, tools and training will be refined in partnership the American College of Physicians; and the process will be embedded in JAHF-supported Age-Friendly Health Systems sites and elsewhere. 

Primary Contact

Mary Tinetti, Caroline S. Blaum,



Program Officer

Amy Berman

Priority Area

Age-Friendly Health Systems

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