YMCA of the USA Preventing Diabetes Among Older Adults 2015


YMCA of the USA

Project Title

Preventing Diabetes Among Older Adults

Grant Amount


Grant Period

24 months

Approval Date

June 2015


Adult-onset (or “Type 2”) diabetes is among the most prevalent and fastest growing of chronic diseases. Pre-diabetes, a precursor to Type 2 diabetes, affects 86 million adults, including 20 million older adults, or approximately 50 percent of the population age 65 and older. In the absence of effective intervention, most will go on to develop diabetes. In this project, the national office of the YMCA, the Y-USA, will enhance its capacity to implement the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) with a greater focus on older adults. The DPP is proven to help adults at high risk of developing diabetes adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent or delay its onset. The Y-USA is currently the largest deliverer of interventions under the National Diabetes Prevention Program, an initiative led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The proposed project will expand the DPP while concentrating on adults over 65, and will also develop mechanisms for financial sustainability, including policy changes to include diabetes prevention programs in Medicare reimbursement.

Primary Contact

Heather Hodge heather.hodge@ymca.net



Program Officer

Mary Jane Koren

Priority Area

Legacy Strategy  

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