Inside Philanthropy has published an article, "As America Rapidly Ages, Who's Helping to Find Better Ways to Care for Seniors?"

The article notes that "only 2 percent of U.S. foundation grants fund aging programs, according to an estimate from the Foundation Center."

"The John A. Hartford Foundation is one of the few aging funders whose scope is national," says Inside Philanthropy. "We follow this grantmaker closely because it plays a critical role in developing cost-effective, replicable, evidence-based programs needed to address the profound consequences of an aging society."

Each of the grants awarded in December 2018 are discussed in detail. Together these total "more than $5.2 million to implement and disseminate evidence-based approaches to improve care for older adults, including those who have dementia, need hospital care, experience elder mistreatment, or have other complex health and social needs. Taking a look at these grants offers a sense of where JAHF’s interests lie."  

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